Blackjack basic strategy of soft and hard hands

Blackjack basic strategy recommendations

When someone starts talking about card games and mentions European Blackjack and the basic Blackjack basic strategy, it means that he knows at least the game’s rules. Here, the aim of the game is to make a combination of cards whose total value is 21 or very close to it but never get more than 21.

The game becomes more complex because a player has to be closer to 21 than the dealer without exceeding this value, always takes risks. Thus, the knowledge of the basic Blackjack strategy will become the basis of future beneficial gambling.

Blackjack basic strategy usage

The main task of the BJ player is to neutralize the advantages of the dealer, which is laid down in the rules of the game. If a player uses Blackjack basic strategy, then the advantage of the casino will be no more than 1%, and the player’s odds will be increased; if a gambler buys up to 16 and stops at 17 and above, and does not double or split pairs, then the dealer, since the first move belongs to the player, already has 4.6% of the advantage.

Thus, if a player uses the right decisions, then the benefits of a casino can be reduced to almost zero. In this regard, the correct buy-stop decisions should be done.

Strategies’ moments in Blackjack

The player that is going to use Blackjack basic strategy, has a “soft hand” when his cards include an Ace and at the same time, considering the Ace for 11 points, the player does not exceed 21 points. All other combinations, not counting 21 points, are called a “hard hand.” Thus, Ace can increase the chances of a player.

The basic strategy Blackjack is based on math, and not all beginners understand it first. Therefore, today, the best online casinos and special sited devoted to card games publish tables that demonstrate the moments that can be very important in the game. Any good Blackjack basic strategy chart will be the best tool for a beginner and a helper for an experienced gambler.

The variants of choice

Basic Blackjack strategies foresee the following rules:

  1. Stand on the hard 17 (and more) hand if the dealer’s top cards are 7, 8, 9, 10, Ace. Get if the number of points is 16 and less.
  2. Stand hard 12 (and higher) if the dealer’s top cards are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Following this Blackjack basic strategy, the player must get more cards when the total number is 11 and less.
  3. Stand on the soft 18 (and above) if the dealer has top cards.
  4. Double on hard 11 when the dealer has top cards.
  5. Double with hard 10, when the dealer has the best cards except for 10 and Ace. Do not duplicate in any other situation.
  6. Divide pairs of Aces and eights when a dealer has the top cards. Do not divide other pairs.

It is worth noting that following these rules and online Blackjack strategy is a significant step forward, although not the best way to conduct the game. As BJ also refers to the games of chance, math and calculations often give up when the “lucky chance” decides to start its own game.

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